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Where does caviar come from?

All types of caviar produced from sturgeon fish. There are more than 27 species of sturgeon. The eggs are medium to large, with a bright sea flavor.

Legal fish catching is allowed only in aquatorium under special license. Also in aqua farms where fish are carefully bred specifically for caviar production. 


FG CAVIAR deliveres caviar from Europe, Israel and USA. All suppliers are highly trusted and well-known.

How many grams is a tin 
of caviar?

Caviar usually is sold in grams:

- 28 g / 1 oz

- 50 g / 1,75 oz

- 56 g / 2 oz

- 100 g / 3.5 oz

- 114 g / 4 oz

- 155 g / 5.5 oz

- 227 g / 8 oz

- 250 g / 9 oz

In our online store you can easily order the necessary weight for you.

Just enter the caviar profile and select the size. The price also depends on the size.

How much caviar
do you need? 

Take into account the number of the guests who will eat caviar.

If caviar is served for one person you need about 30-50 grams

(1 to 2 ounces).

But if you cook with caviar it will be enough  ½ – 1 ounce per person/ serving.

How to store caviar?

Store your caviar in the refrigerator below 38F. Unopened caviar can last 6-8 weeks. Once opened, you have 6-10 days to consume it. If caviar is properly stored in the refrigerator.

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