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Cook Time:
60 Minutes


10 People


  • Dynasty Egg Roll/Spring Roll Wrappers

  • Corn oil for frying


Step 1


Place your egg roll wrappers on a flat surface and cut out rounds.


Step 2


Gently place the round into the tart's mold and shape it with your fingers. Then I prefer to use one more spare mold to form inside.


Step 3


Cut off extra pastry with a knife.


Step 4


Pour oil into a frying pan and heat.


Step 5


Put these two molds in a pan and fry about 3 minutes at 350°F/90°C till it turns golden brown.


Step 6


Remove and leave to cool completely.


Enjoy the tarts with filling on your taste: berries, lemon, cream cheese, caviar, smoked salmon and more.

Our filling for tarts is ready.
This is a perfect combination for your party.
  • King crab

  • Homemade mayonnaise

  • Lemon juice

  • Smoked trout roe caviar

Ingredients for Tarts you can buy in our
Online Store:

All ingredients mix together in a bowl and fill the tarts.


That’s it.

As you see it is super easy, tasty and doesn’t take a lot of time!

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